Back in 2007, I have worked in one company and we had to go to a restaurant to install our application. When went there I saw that the restaurant was a rotational restaurant. We installed the NCR Point of Sale and then we installed the receipt printer at the counter so it could print the receipt or invoice.

NCR Thermal printer NCR 7197

Then we had to install another receipt printer in the kitchen. But to go the kitchen we had to send the cable to the center pole that was holding the restaurant and then to the kitchen. The total distance between the computer and the receipt printer was over 30 meters. The receipt printer could be connected by USB cable or COM port cable but since we had no Com port cable and limitation of the USB cable up to 10 meters according to the technical specification.


So, I came up with a quick fix, I told the other guys to go and buy a simple desktop computer and a 40 meters CAT4 network cable and a switch. Then we ran the network cable through the center pole to the kitchen, then I went to the kitchen and configured the desktop computer and I installed the receipt printer. Everyone else was skeptical that it could work but I have insisted that it works.

Then we ran the system, made an order for the kitchen and on the receipt printer of the kitchen the order was printed. So, since that time the orders for the kitchen were printed directly to the kitchen so there was no delay in the order.

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