The kidnapped ant

Once upon the time, there was a happy family of ants, they ate, worked and played all together. The parents had two children, one of them was a daughter other was a son. One day they were playing nearby seashore, there comes a beetle and it grabs the tiny and poor female ant. The boy can’t do anything, he called all time for help from their parents but parents have gone very far to find foods.

And so the depressed boy returns to the home worried for the fate of his petite sister, the small ant. And so the tiny ant began every morning to come ashore and to see whether there was returning of the small and dear sibling ant. However, expectations seemed to have been in vain and the ant started growing and growing. One morning as it was waiting there came an bright idea to his mind. Walk further left to go below to the water’s edge. Because they were pretty up to ensure that they do not affect the tide and flow of water, and so ants left passed broad areas of flowers and mountains with giant trees. Passed seven areas of the seven mountains while managed in the most convenient. now the ant climbed in a leave and began to sail. Ant sailed day and night full 7 days and 7 nights and stopped nowhere. Oriented using the smell that becomes stronger and stronger the smell of his sister. And finally reached the other side exhausted from the long voyage across dangerous water trails.

That night he stopped by the seashore because the moon is not seen at all on the horizon and the surrounding was an unknown territory to date. The sky was dark with no moon, except for some shining star here and there and one of them fell down perhaps to show that the ant that the ant that came to look for his sister has luck. And so the ant while unveiling a solitary star began to nap and he fell asleep. As ant was sleeping he dreams a dream where he sees the games he did with his sister while they were young. He dreamed even more pleasant dreams but in the end, it was presented the scene when this sister was kidnapped. And in those moments of sleep, he suddenly opens his eyes and sees that the day has come. And so the ants got up and began looking for. He passed fields and mountains during full seven days and nights. And he didn’t stop nowhere due to the will to find her sister was too great that beat fatigue.

And suddenly he was in the vicinity of the shelter of the beetle that smelled a stench that occupied his nose. Again the will to find the sister conquered the smell and the ant began to look around for an angel to find his sister. And after the search that lasted three days, he met his sister and was touched by the sight that he found his sister, overtired, exhausted by work she has done for the beetle. But the ant at first feared the long-standing memories of beetle. But one thing was forgotten that now the beetle was now old and lonely as it was made innocuous. The next day after the sun rises a bit on the horizon the ant gathered all the courage and slowly went downhill with steps convincingly but with fear that wakes up the beetle. With the closing up to the lodge of the beetle, the ant investigated the sleeping cloudy beetle. In an instant, he stopped while the beetle turned around. But he saw that his eyes were still closed he went on.

When he reached the small sister he first took it and gripped her, firmly embraced as hadn’t seen her since a long time. And then got her out by releasing her from the obstacles that had been ever not to run away. With the removal of obstacles that she had he got her on his back and left the place slowly without making noise at all. And after they spent two days and two nights the beetle had investigated the lack of ant that had robbed and brought the remaining forces and began to fly while looking for ant that he had escaped.

He, the beetle, was flying up in height and of old age couldn’t see well. This prevented fly shallowly to see better see the ant running away. Spent entire days and nights of ants was found not wasted. Running away ants had arrived on shore and spent a night there that night fell on the water was a little perturbed. Ants found a shelter and decided to spend the night there. Brother went outside around and collected some things to eat. He brought foods to the shelter and ate food with sister. And then they sleep, took a deep sleep that day they rested enough you got ready to embark on a leaf to proceed with sailing within seven days and seven nights. But suddenly the beetle investigate them and flies in their direction. But he with his strength now when he is old manages to approach ants slowly but fortunately little ants just before they were reached the strength of beetle run out so he barely flew back to earth to rest. While ants proceed traveled seven days and seven nights without pro no problems after that beetle occasionally approached. Finally, on the sixth-day cruise exhausted beetle with difficulties returns home where had come from, he was exhausted and he abandoned the pursuit. And finally came to shore on their side. But now have to pass seven days and seven nights to reach their home. While ants were walking slowly they climb up uphill and sometimes downhill and large fields but occasionally they had problems with different predator attempting to attack them. Ants finally came close to their village but they were tired and exhausted. Their house was at the other end of the village. And in the middle of the night, they walked slowly not to cause any noise to bother others in the village. Walking slowly with, the sister couldn’t remember at all home after being robbed too early and sees his brother stops and she stopped. Then both of them entered into the yard and see their father and mother crying in the middle of the yard thinking they have lost both their children. But where they saw them the joy and happiness exploded so the parents couldn’t keep the tears of joy and so the at same night they went to sleep that they were exhausted by the prolonged trip. The next day the family raised a toast and invited all the villagers to celebrate the return of the beloved ones again in the warm welcome to the family.

Written by Ahmet N Murati

Published by amurati

I am a software developer, translator and poetry writer soon also a novel to be turned into a movie

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