I depart from my home to catch the public transport so called Straßenbahn in Germany. The station where I was waiting for the transport initially did not show any digits for my transport but the numbers were denoting that there were some busses and some other public transport.

I had to wait about 20 minutes for the transport but I managed to arrive at my job on time. The ambient air was not good at all so I opened the window wide open so the fresh air could come in. After 15 minutes I closed the window because the air became much fresher than it was 15 minutes before.

I turned on the computer, but suddenly, it was showing the exact view as it was before I shut it down. I could not explain how the heck this happened. And then I started to work but some things were not working fine, so , I restarted my computer and then everything was fine.

I started coding, and then I received an email about small changes I had to make on my project. Then, around 14:00 o’clock, my task was almost completed. So, I polished my project but the final part is left to be done tomorrow because it has to be done by another colleague.


Published by amurati

I am a software developer, translator and poetry writer soon also a novel to be turned into a movie

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