Some of the reasons why the IT Devices are broken
Written by Ahmet Murati

Grupi Përkrahje për TIK


Among the oftenest breaks/damages of the computer are the malware computers that can cause a large scale slowing down of computer, they can occupy the free space of the disk by multiplying it’s copies known as worms, some others are known as key loggers and so on. For more, you can read my article as it a following up: Some explanations about computer security

But, except the problems that can be solved that have to do with the previous paragraph there are also other things that do hinder the failure to normal operations of the computer. Some of the factors that damage the computer are as follows:

  1. Dust,
  2. Water or various beverages
  3. Current voltage fluctuations and
  4. Abrupt electricity outage.

1) Dust

The dust is among the enemies of the computer because the dust combined with other impurities do block air passages, specifically the CPU Cooler and also to the graphics card. To eliminate this problem it is recommended cleaning of the computer each month with air pressurized but not more than 1.4 bar. Using the regular cleaning of the computer you have achieved to save your computer for pretty long time. If the desktop computer or the laptop is opened then we need to clean it up entirely and also the active and passive cooling system, and when the job is done we need to apply a bit of thermal conductive paste and then to put the cooling parts and active cooling on the CPU and graphics card. Over heating or computers or laptops it shortens the life of the device for multiple times.

2)  Water or various beverages

Some people do prefer to have a coffee or various drinks while working with the computer/laptop.  If you like or need to drink water due to being in summer, you need to have a container that can be closed so it would not leak even in case we hit it and the water pours on the computer we might have short circuit and damage the various components that can be repairable or totally irreparable. .

3)  Current voltage fluctuations

Nowadays computers and also laptops can work in power tension between 100 Volts till 230 Volts and with frequency 50 Herz respectively 60 Herz. But fluctuations outside this range of voltage tension and frequency can cause damages into the components as the motherboard, hard disk/SSD and other parts. For this reason, I recommend using of a device that can provide electricity for few minutes for the computer/laptop. This is provided only from UPS that do posses the AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator.

4) Abrupt electricity outage
Also as in third bulleted third point the power outage but other effects are even more different. While the power outage we can have cases like creation of CRC32 error – Cyclic Redundancy Error or creation of the Bad Sectors, bad sectors and other problems in the Hard disk. For this reason, I recommend acquiring of an UPS that at least would provide 10 minutes of electricity to the computer so you would have enough time to shut down the computer in the dedicated manner.

 Using of uninterruptible power supply units has several positive features, but not so feasible because the battery has a limited cycle and if this limit is passed then the battery of the UPS is not any longer effective. The battery of the UPS is replaceable but the replacement of the UPS battery should be done by a a professional electrician  because it might short cut and you can cause even a fire.

To be in able the computer to work efficiently we have to do also the defragmetisation of the hard disk. As much you use the computer aq much it is needed to defragmetize the hard disk. Fragmentized disk means that the files in the computer are not written in the sequential manner but chunks of the file reside in one place and chunks of it in another place. So, the large files and programs have to be compacted so the loading time is much shorter otherwise if the program is scattered among entire disk then loading of that program would take way much more time. So, defragmentization compacts the files, so the files and programs could be loaded faster.

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