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I have started coding back in September 1st, 1994, that is 25 years, 1 month, 20 days ago from today. At that time there were no internet, no Stackoverflow, MSDN and so on. So, I have learned from the books but I have created also my programs with QBasic supplied through Windows 3.11. I have worked with Turbo Pascal, Delphi. Then in year 2001 I started studying Computer Science so I learned Java. About SQL I have learned it through https://sqlcourse.com and https://sqlcourse2.com. In 2002, there was a an offer to attend a course CCNA, I did two semesters but I decided that is not the thing I want to do. So, my first job I had was as Java Web Developer in year 2004. By that time, I had learned HTML, JavaScript and CSS; also Servlets, JSP in Java, using MySQL I have created the database of the application. I have worked also with C#, PHP, and a bit with Assembly.

I do have a blog and I have written several tutorials there in Python, and also C#. I have a Github account and I have there Java projects developed with Spring Framework, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate. Actually, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate I have learned them on my own by reading some blogs and also Video tutorials in YouTube.

What I recommend to the youngsters if they have no experience with IT. It is good if you can find a job at entry level in Help desk and over there you would learn a lot of things. But if you want to pursuit this career you should get these certifications like Comptia Network+, A+ or Security+. If you can study Computer Science then it would be great but there are tons of Jobs in IT. For example you can be a hardware tester like Caitlin mentioned when you have to test the application in the specific hardware. There are also other jobs like Frontend developer but for this at least you have to learn JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5. For software development is a job that you should keep learning every time. For backend jobs you need to learn either Java, Java Spring Framework, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate; Python, or NodeJS and so on.

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I am a software developer, translator and poetry writer soon also a novel to be turned into a movie

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