Last decade

During last decade 2010 – 2019, I have worked initially an ongoing project from previous year as self employed, so, I had my own company that it was still recovering from 2008 crisis.

The project I have developed was done using PHP 4, later upgraded to PHP 5 with MySQL and it had a dynamic generated content. The project was a news portal and and vacancies repository. The end user could select up to three job categories and then they would get a list of jobs, click here to check the web design in my portfolio Dua të punojë!

 While being a member of Java User Group I could get informed  immediately about newest things In mean time I have developed a Java app using EJB, named queries and MySql database. I have worked also at Central Election Commission of Kosovo Republic despite I have not worked as software developer over there mainly with Corel Draw to design Election paperwork and also the informational material. Time to time I have developed several apps with C#.

  • The first one was there is a ballot process to specify the order of political subjects that is going to be listed on ballot.
  • The second app I have developed was a task that I have speed up the data entry process.
  • The third app I have developed is an algorithm to convert the first name and last name in number format so the sorting is done properly regardless of the language. Previously this process was done manually. Now, the Excel data sheet is loaded and all the names are converted.

In mean times have worked also as translator. In previous decade I have translated Google apps and Services into Albanian language just because I did not want to leave the Albanian language as a endangered language. So, in last decade, I have translated Facebook into Albanian llanguage, the Skype into Albanian language I had requested many times Skype team to add Albanian language but all went into the void. Nowadays,Microsoft has acquired Skype and removed that option to change the language of Skype.

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I am a software developer, translator and poetry writer soon also a novel to be turned into a movie

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