Paris Saint Germain 0:1 Bayern München impressions

Last night game despite it was a football/soccer game at the finals of Champions League it was played as it was a chess game

The ball was being passed in a regular and coordinated way. So, the Bayern team was holding the ball around 63 % and PSG 37 %.

On the first part, there were no goals scored despite multiple attempts of both teams. Some of possibilities to score a goal were saved from goalkeeper or it was way beyond the goal.

On the second part the game was bit agile compared to the first part but none of the teams was in able to score. But only after fourteen minutes into the second part Kingsley Coman was standing near the other team goal and he hit the ball with his head and it went beyond the goalkeeper into the goal net.

So, this result was until the end of Gameboy no other goals were scored despite again the teams were kicking the ball into the direction of the opponent goal but no luck.

At the end, there were 7 yellow cards issued to the players of each team

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