A story of my life as a leader

A part of my history

We were taking part on Euroby Championship for robot soccer back in 2008 in Zürich, Switzerland and Linz, Austria #euroby2008. The Swiss embassy did not issued the visa to take part in the championship despite we had booked the hotel, we had the official invitation from the organizers.

So, we did not score any victories in the matches played in Zurich. But we got Austrian visa so we took part there and we managed to get fourth place. In Linz, one night we had to work on the game strategy up to 01:32. When we went out we noticed that the public transport was not operational since 23:45. So, we walked. We went to central train station and then and we asked someone for direction but we got lost. The group was led by some one who had studied there. I begged the group to stop since three bus stations telling that we are going wrong way. On the first day when I got to Linz, I did got the city map, at that time we had no smartphone 😦 but on the third day someone took my city map but in meantime, I did got a small map that was denoting central part on the city. We went another three bus stations and then I told to the group to stop. And then I told to the group, I am leading now. We went three bus station back, to find a bus station with lightning so I could see the map. The map was not pretty small, so, it was not showing the part where we were located. But I did made a correlation between the map I had and the map on the bus station, so we continued to go backward. In meantime, I found a bicycle path, that would lead up to a place nearby our hotel, and it was about 02:15, so no bicycle rider would go at that time. So, we took that bicycle path. After walking about a kilometer from there there was another sign denoting a place close by our hotel 1.67 km. Then we went into that direction. And then we arrived at a very large round-about, so we were wondering in which direction we should go. Then there came a young lady with a Italian scooter at traffic light stop, so I approached her and I asked her in German language about the way we should take to reach nearby hotel but I asked for a larger hotel, not our own hotel because the chance of finding bigger hotel is much larger than a small hotel. She replied to me to go straight ahead. And I thanked her and we went to the most straight road from the round-about. Then we arrived at our hotel around 03:42.

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I am a software developer, translator and poetry writer soon also a novel to be turned into a movie

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