Initially do you speak any Germane?

After you rent a place to stay your renter has to provide you with an Attestation for renting the place Wohnungsübergabebestätigung together with the rent contract.

The documents that are needed to arrive up to the permit to stay:

  • Wohnungsübergabebestätigung
  • Rent contract
  • City hall registration Anmeldung,
  • Identification tax number Steueridentifikationsnummer
  • Pension insurance number Rentenversicherungsnummer
  • Health insurance Krankenversicherung
  • Permit to stay Aufenthaltstitel


The process of registration of your living place. For this process you need to have the following documents Wohnungsübergabebestätigung, Rent contract and your Passport. Then you go at the city hall that might have various names according to the place you live (Kreisverwaltung – KVR, Bürgerbüro, Landesamt etc) to do the Anmeldung, after the Anmeldung process is finished you can obtain identification tax number Steueridentifikationnummer, and the Pension insurance number  Rentenversicherungsnummer. These data you have to save rigorously.

Health insurance

Health insurance is a very important thing to have because in case you become sick you can have a medical checkup at your family’s physician or dentist etc. To open a health insurance for example AOK you need to have your work contract, your passport and also a biometric photo. After few days you card will come at your home address. You should give your card to your employer to make a copy of it beforehand your start working.

Opening a bank account

To be in able to open a German bank account your need to bring or send the Anmeldung document, passport and the tax identification number and your work contract Sparkasse or Stadtsparkase.

Application for permit to stay

Initially you can scan your documents that are required to apply for a permit to stay in Germany are:

  • Anmeldung
  • Health insurance card, in case you still do not have the health insurance card you can bring or use the contract of the health insurance institution you should scan /take a picture of it.
  • A document in six pages that is called Erklärung zum Beschäftigungsverhältnis it has to be filled by your employer,
  • Application form to apply for permit to stay in Germany you may obrain it from the website of the foreign office in the city where you live.

These afermentioned documents you should sent via email to the foreign office Ausländerbehörde in the city where you live. In case you speak no German at all you need to ask for the course called Integration course Integrationkurse that offers courses from A1 till B1. If you pass the integration course then in the current naturalization process of eight years it is shortened to seven years to get the German citizenship. The process of obtaining the work permit lasts about three months in general but in meantime you get a Green appendix that is valid till you get the Permit to stay card. While you do not have the Permit to stay in Germany you need to have your passport and the green appendix at all time you go out to work or elsewhere. Aftermath you get the permit to stay card you do not have to bring your passport with you it suffices only the permit to stay.

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