As we know there are several ways of mining through our devices as a desktop computer laptop or even with a Smartphone.

In computer mining can be done through the CPU but you have to bear in mind that you need newer CPU to mine more and more cryptocurrencies. In relation to graphics cards it cannot be mined through the integrated GPU that are found in the CPU because these Graphics cards do not have enough memory to mine with these cards, but with normal graphic cards that are connected to PCIE with at least 6 GB RAM memory can be used to mine Cryptocurrencies.

Mining via graphical card

Using the graphics card that is not into the CPU can be mined because mining in graphics cards requires at least 6 GB memory for DAG file that is placed in the memory of the graphics cards to mine Ethereum. For this reason you need to have a decend power supply unit at least 850 Watt.

What is DAG File?

 The name DAG is an abbreviation of Directed Acyclic Graph that without going very deep in details it is essential detail that is used to mine Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. The capacity of the DAG file is increased with time passing, exactly every 30.000 Ethereum block or every 100 work hours to be more precise. The DAG file has to be loaded in the GPU memory while. And consequently it is good to have a graphics card in your computer to have at least 6 GB memory.

Mining through computer in an easy way

Mining can be done via website Nicehash and you have to install the app in the compute to start mining. Nicehash has the possibility to mine in Windows and in Linux and also in miners as Antminer. For example, when you need to do something important in computer you need to stop mining on the app for the CPU and the GPU can continue mining.

Another program that is more complicated to be used is called Awesome Miner and also Unminable but it requires deep learning in the field of Crypto. This app is more advanced and it is more general miner but you need to have your own wallet to incorporate there. A good wallet Coinbase and it is easy to use.

Mining with advanced usage

Among the miners you can earn more there are GMiner in CPU with Zhash that makes about 600 satoshi në ditë. But for the graphics card it is Phoenixminer that requires at least 6GB memory.

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