In today’s meeting with several guys talking about EU Enlargment on the meeting there were people form Austria, Ukraine, North Macedonia.

Initially, I had to tell something about me and Kosovo. Later, I told that I have worked on changing the goverment of Kosovo so we succeeded. Later I was asked if Kosovo supports Ukraine so I said we Albanians do not support Russian terror in Ukraine, in Kosova we have over 20 journalitst from Ukraine. Then a guy from Ukraine asked me with a question in regards to corruption so I talked that I worked a lot on changing the goverment and now our goverment is scoring good deeds on arresting corrupt people.

On this meeting I was along from Kosova and I had to talk a lot about Kosova as I was a foreign minister.

Then I said it would be great if Kosova and Ukraine do recognize each other so when we join to EU we do not have any problems with trade. So, later I told that it would be great if the Ukraine joins to CEFTA and it was welcomed by the meeting participants. And I also proposed to build an underground conveyer to deliver to agriculture products from Ukraine to Europe.

EU has to be enlarged to 37 member states. Every state should have one participant in EU institutions so each country is equal to others and on this way the EU should work.

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