Most people who arrive in Germany ask a variety of questions, including the question of where to live. In most cases those persons do not speak German and consequently can easily become victims of online fraud. Renting can be unlimited or usually limited to six months. There is a possibility of contract extension. If you have signed a tenancy agreement the landlord cannot give you a new contract.

For this reason I have very often responded to the web posts where accommodation can be found to live. Whether you are a single person or married without children or with children determine the main criterion in what place of residence you will live. For single persons who can live in the apartment or house divided into rooms with shared kitchen then , and, for married persons who want to live on their own then it is recommended that on websites like, and

At , may be required for rooms in the house or apartment while at here you can look for anything but even a one-room house or apartment. At, and you can find flats / houses to rent or buy flats or houses.

When renting a room / apartment / house you should ask if it can be done Anmeldung, without renting any room / apartment / house.

Without visiting or visiting online does not make you rent that room / apartment / house at all. When paying the security deposit and rent you should get the key to the room / apartment / house. The security deposit can be divided into up to three parts of the payment. In the house shared with others there is a rule of maintenance of the room / apartment / house they should be maintained as in the case of cleanliness of the room, hallway, living room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom there should be a weekly schedule that will be maintained these things.

Here we will see the views of the websites


Ebay Kleinenanzeigen

WG Gesucht

Ebay Kleinenanzeigen

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