I planned to visit my relatives in Munich so I decide to try Flixbus for this trip and back. The bus took about 7 hours to arrive to a place called Hackerbrücke. I went upstairs to buy the ticket to go to the place I wanted to go. But when I went there I did checked my wallet there were no currency kess than 20 € bills and some coins I had on my pocket. When my turn was there I did input the name of the place where I wanted to go and then the next screen showed no 20 € bills are accepted. It started pouring and I had to walk about one kilometer to find a place or a store where I could exchange 20 € into bills like 10 € bills or 5 € bills. I managed to find a restaurant that helped me. Thanks, Grazie molto! And then when I went back to the Automated machines to make the payment, the first one failed to accept 10 € bill and it was strange because on the screen it was showing that 10 € bills are being accepted. So, when the next automated machine was free I went there and finally I got the ticket but the rain has made my winter clothes pretty wet. So, Munich, please fix this issue otherwise the tourists would have really bad impression on you. As soon as I arrived at the place I wanted to go I cancelled the next booking because I decided to come back with the train. Everything seemed to be fine with Flixbus because they redirected me to rebooking and editing of the booking and it accepted the cancellation. The four days after I did checked again, it was about two hours and half before the departure of the Flixbus. When I opened up the Flixbus app, the canceled booking was showing as it was not cancelled. But I tried to cancel again but the links were broken. Despite I have not travelled with Flixbus on way back and the ticket was not cancelled maybe intentionaly. I have contacted again the Flixbus and they gave me several links and nnone of them worked.

On the way back from the place I were, I had to obtain a train ticket but the first wending machine was not operating as it should have operated, it did not accept any money. So, I took my ticket from the next wending machine.

Why there are so many problems I am not sure.

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I am a software developer, translator and poetry writer soon also a novel to be turned into a movie

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