In the present world, the use of computers has become more than necessary in many aspects of life, so that every moment we use the computer to carry out a great deal of daily work. Connecting the computer to the internet world, which offers a host of good, but also a host of evil, opens a gateway to the infiltration of malicious software that, by their various activities by nature and work, hinder normal work of your software is designed to work secretly without being dictated by an ordinary computer user. Some malware programs at a particular time by their developer are activated and block the computer’s performance. Some others occupy the disk space and thus reduce the computer’s ability to work properly, as a pretty large part of Microsoft’s operating system uses it as pagefile.sys. This is a second working memory, as the primary working memory is RAM memory. This memory is used after you open a program to work with it, ending work with it now to close it. The program actually closes in its entirety but is transferred from memory RAM to pagefile.sys, then if it happens to open it for the second program it will be executed more easily. These malware programs reduce the available space so this pagefile.sys is reduced and thus the computer runs slower. Some other malicious software loads the processor much harder. Some viruses are specialized in that way to be distributed throughout the internal network so the problem is the removal of such viruses.

  • Computer viruses
  • Worms,
  • Trojans horses,
  • Information spammers,
  • Dishonest adware,
  • Criminals and Criminals
  • Rootkits as well as
  • Ransomware Tools – Illegal Benefit

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are found everywhere, they usually come as e-mail attachments, then on removable memory devices such as CD, DVD, BluRay Disk, USB memory etc. In the early days, floppy disks have been the main source of viruses, and many viruses are now available. Throughout history, there have been various viruses that have been used to perform various offenses since blocking the boot sector – to deleting all files that are on the disk but not whether the hard disk has some partitions – viruses such delete entries in the first partition.


Worms are malicious programs that occupy the disk space and in some cases are mass mailers who receive all the addresses from your computer and are sent a copy. It is true that in MSN Messenger, Outlook Express and Outlook have expressed their activity these malicious programs since through these programs are mostly distributed, but there are occasions that even though other media are mainly distributed via USB memory that through a file called autorun .inf executes the virus and worm.

Trojan horses (trojan horses)

Trojan horses – are malicious programs but their only job is that after you install on your computer you open a port where the person who sent it takes control of your computer. Then, the wrongdoer can install any programs on your computer and for some, we will talk later. Eliminating these programs requires high-level skills because it is not enough simply to remove the malicious program but also to close the port (s) that this malicious program could initially have opened.

Information thieves (spyware)

Spyware – are financially affecting malicious software, especially for those who make banking transactions. If your computer is infected with at least one information thief, then the nickname and password you use to log in to other vendor-like websites such as This program is designed to collect bank records so that the person who sent them can take money from your bank account.

Dishonest adware

Inappropriate ads (dishonest adware are programs that when you buy a bunch of software, there are also ads for other programs that do not interest you. Developers see this as a way to pay off their work by advertising their programs in this way.

Criminals and Criminals – Crimeware

Criminal acts and tools include all malicious code-related programs that handle keylogger (keyboard keystroke registration software), by which usually nicknames and passwords are e-mailed for certain purposes, such as moral, economic and political pressures, blackmail, obtaining passwords from the system’s temporary memory, and so on. In a word, all these actions are sanctionable by law.


Basic tools – these malware programs are installed on your computer after the port is opened by troika horses and serve to take administrative computer functionality remotely, which means that the perpetrator can be on the other side of the world and have control on your computer’s administrative level. That way he/she can do what you want on your computer and you can not even notice his job.

Ransomware Tools – Illegal Benefit

Ransomware tools – illegal use, are malicious programs that are usually handled by email attachment or by clicking on a member that directly downloads a malicious program. The program has its functionality that encrypts the computer files and is now required to pay a predetermined amount mostly to virtual coins like Bitcoin. But even if the required fee payment is made, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to retrieve your data that is encrypted.

So to protect ourselves from these bad things, we need each computer to be equipped with virus protection software and firewall. As safer systems appear as programs that are both integrated as Firewall and Antivirus. These programs also protect us from various hacker attacks as well as protect your computer from USB memory. It is also important that the update of the operating system and security systems be at a high level as this eliminates some possible failures in the different parts of the operating systems that we have available.

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