This is a simple lesson how to use classes in Python and to store data into the database MySql or MariaDB


# coding=utf8
# importing of mysql interface and renaming it as mariadb
import mysql.connector as mariadb 

# Class Person
class Person():
    cursor = 0; # global variable database cursor
    sleeping = 0; #global variable that stores sleep state
    mariadb_connection = 0; # declaration of global variable to store the database conectivity
    def __init__(self): # class constructor
        self.sleeping = 0; # resetting of the awake state
        self.personalID = ""; # incialization of the variable
        self.employeeName = "";# incialization of the variable
        self.employeeJobDescription = "";# incialization of the variable
        self.employeeAddress = "";# incialization of the variable
        self.employeeCity = "";# incialization of the variable
        self.employeePhone = "";# incialization of the variable
    # full constructor
    def __init__(self,  personalID= None, employeeName= None, employeeJobDescription= None, employeeAddress= None, employeeCity= None, employeePhone= None): 
        self.personalID = personalID; # passing value 
        self.employeeName = employeeName;#passing value 
        self.employeeJobDescription = employeeJobDescription;#passing value 
        self.employeeAddress = employeeAddress;#passing value 
        self.employeeCity = employeeCity;#passing value 
        self.employeePhone = employeePhone;#passing value 
        self.mariadb_connection = mariadb.connect(user='root', password='', database='flowershop'); # instatiation of the database connectivity 
        self.cursor = self.mariadb_connection.cursor(); # instatiation of the cursor and storing it on the global variable

    def insert(self): # helper method to store the data into the database
        try: # trying to execute the query
            self.cursor.execute("INSERT INTO employee(  "+
            " personalID, "+
            "employeeName, "+
            " employeeAddress, "+
            "employeeCity, "+
            "employeePhone) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s)", (
            self.mariadb_connection.commit(); # usually auto_commit is inactive and it is need to do committting
            print("Data are stored perfectly.");
        except ValueError:
            self.mariadb_connection.rollback(); # if there is a problem transaction fails
            print("Data are not stored.");
        return  ; 
    def sleep(self): # metod to start sleeping
        if(self.sleeping == 0): # checking if the person is awake
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " is sleeping"); 
            self.sleeping = 1; # it set th value of self.sleeping implying that the person is sleeping
        else:# else
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " is already sleeping"); 
    def wakeup(self):# Method to start waking up
        if(self.sleeping == 1): # it checks if the person is sleeping
            self.sleeping = 0;  # it set th value of self.sleeping implying that the person is awake
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " is awake."); 
        else:# përndryshe
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " is not sleeping to be woken up");
    def walk(self): # Method to walking
        if(self.sleeping == 0):# it checks if the person is awake
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " is walking"); 
        else:# else
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " can't walk he is sleeping");
    def run (self):# Method to start running 
        if(self.sleeping == 0):#  it checks if the person is awake
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " is running"); 
        else:# përndryshe
            print("Person " + self.employeeName + " can't run he is sleeping");
# initialization of the variable p with the Person class instance
p = Person(employeeName="Ahmet");
#p.employeeName = "Ahmet"; # setting of of the name


And the execution output:
Person Ahmet is sleeping
Person Ahmet can’t walk he is sleeping
Person Ahmet is awake.
Person Ahmet is walking
Person Ahmet is running

The project is done using Netbeans 8.2 and using Python 3.4
Person in Python – Click here to download the source code


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