I had to travel to Isator to pick up a friend of mine because the trains on the weekend do not travel entire track but it stops at Engschalking, Daglfing, Ostbahnof and Pasing and further. So, the city center is being carried with replacement busses.

On way back we arrived at the East station and over there initially, I saw at platform 8 there was displayed that our train is going to come to that platform. So, we get upstairs to wait for our train. But in meantime, the display was not showing anymore the airport but another place so I was looking around and I noticed that on platform 12 there was being displayed the München Flughafen. We waited for our train to come at platform 12 but it never came and the display was not showing the correct time when the train would arrive.

In meantime both displays at platform 8 and platform 12 were displaying München Flughafen.

In meantime, the train S8 came and I noticed that it went toward the platform 8 so I sprinted despite there were lot of people on the platform and also on the stairs but I was super fast so when I arrived at platform 8 the train was about to open the doors.

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